Rabbi YY is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world. He is a popular speaker in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Gibraltar, South Africa and Israel. He is a regular Broadcaster on National TV and Radio in the UK and has written and presented shows for the BBC.
audio_downloadsThe “Independent” Newspaper cited him along with Tony Blair’s Mentor, as among five people in the UK to turn to for advice. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has declared herself a fan of Rabbi YY’s Broadcasts saying, “He’s awfully good!”

Rabbi YY has written ten books including, “On The Derech,” “The Little Book For Big Worries.” “Jewish Life and Jewish Laughter” and “Refuas HaLev,” a new translation of the classic, Shaar
HaBetochon of the Chovos HaLevovos, with notes and extensive elaborations on the themes. His latest book is, “Building Tomorrow” addressing the scourge of intercommunal conflict in the Jewish world. He is a senior lecturer for the Gateways Organization in New York and teaches at various schools including Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshuv in N.Y. and is a regular contributor to several Jewish publications including Hamodia and the Jewish Press.

Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein has thrilled audiences from Jerusalem to Manchester and Johannesburg to Los Angeles. There are two reasons for his success. One is a mastery of sources in Jewish philosophy and his understanding of contemporary events. The other is his unique delivery…If you have the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom…do not miss it!

Rabbi Professor Dovid Gottlieb



You can read my column about remarkable Jews I have known in Hamodia’s “Inyan” magazine or e-mail me to tell me about one I should get to know!

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