The Sedra of Acharei Mos talks about the two goats that played a crucial role in the Yom Kippur service. Both are presented before the tent containing the Holy Ark as " Chatosim " ( sin offerings ) to HaShem. Aaron or his successors then draw lots to select one of the...

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After the death of Sarah, Abraham is faced according to Rabbeinu Yona with the tenth test, the acquiring of the cave of Machpela. Even according to all other opinions who state that the binding of Isaac was the last test, Abraham's encounter with Efron still provided...

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The Sedra of Mikeitz starts with Pharaoh's dreams. Seven fat cows are consumed by seven thin ones. Seven healthy ears of corn swallowed by seven sick ones. Pharaoh is so distressed that he sends for Egypt's wise men and magicians. They are unable to interpret the...

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OUR FATHER AND OUR KING The month of Ellul arrives with a Shofar call and the tone of each day becomes more serious and indeed awesome. Rosh HaShona, the Yom Ha Din is just around the corner. It feels a lot like school and the approach of an important exam. That’s...

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The Sedra reports the debate that preceded the departure of Yisro from the camp of the Israelites In the desert. Moshe implores Yisro to stay arguing that his contribution to the Jewish people is essential and one which only he can perform , Chpt.10 Vs. 31, " And he...

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The mystery of the Poro Adumah (Red Heifer) defeated even King Solomon whose wisdom was renowned as beyond comparison. The Ashes of the Heifer were used to purify those impure through contact with a corpse. Yet the same ashes contaminated the purifier and required him...

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In the Sedra of Bamidbar the Jewish people are introduced to the concept of Flags. Chpt 2. Vs.1 " G-d spoke to Moshe and Aaron saying each individual will camp round the Tabernacle by their flag upon which will be the device of their father's house." The signs on the...

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The sedra starts by saying...... These are the words which Moshe spoke to all Israel over the Jordan River in the desert on the plain opposite Suf between Poron and between Toful and Lovon and Chatzeiros, and Di Zohov. Eleven days from Chorev, the way of the mountain...

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The Sedra of Behar introduces the Mitzvah of " Shmita" , that the land of Israel should lie fallow in a seven year cycle. The second verse says " When you come into the land which I am giving you then the land shall keep a Shabbos to G-d " As the Torah was written by...

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During the middle ages, it was commonly believed that Jews killed Christian babies to use their blood for the making of Matzo. In that period the population of Europe was halved by the "Black Death"... Bubonic Plague. The disease was carried by rats who were infested...

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Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein has thrilled audiences from Jerusalem to Manchester and Johannesburg to Los Angeles. There are two reasons for his success. One is a mastery of sources in Jewish philosophy and his understanding of contemporary events. The other is his unique delivery…If you have the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom…do not miss it!

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