The Sedra of Acharei Mos talks about the two goats that played a crucial role in the Yom Kippur service. Both are presented before the tent containing the Holy Ark as " Chatosim " ( sin offerings ) to HaShem. Aaron or his successors then draw lots to select one of the...

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After the death of Sarah, Abraham is faced according to Rabbeinu Yona with the tenth test, the acquiring of the cave of Machpela. Even according to all other opinions who state that the binding of Isaac was the last test, Abraham's encounter with Efron still provided...

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During the middle ages, it was commonly believed that Jews killed Christian babies to use their blood for the making of Matzo. In that period the population of Europe was halved by the "Black Death"... Bubonic Plague. The disease was carried by rats who were infested...

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The Sedra of Emor introduces the mitzvah of the Omer. What is an Omer ? Rashi points out that an Omer is a measurement, an amount , exactly one tenth of an Ephah. No I wouldn't do that to Ephah is about 2 quarts which is the usual amount for a meal...

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In the Sedra in Chapter 26 Verse 16 it says…. "Today HaShem your G-d commands you to do all these statutes and all the Judgements and you will guard and do them with all your heart and with all your soul." The obvious question focuses on the first word, "Today." Was...

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The Aznayim L'Torahsays that for a blessing to succeed there are four ideal conditions. Firstly the person giving the blessing must love the person who receives it. Secondly the person giving the blessing should be a Tzadik (saint). Thirdly the person receiving the...

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There are two types of battle, which involve the Jewish people. One is inevitable the other is not. TheChovos Ha Levovos, tells the story of Alexander the Great’s army when it was returning from the successful conquest of what was thought to be an impregnable city....

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The story of the rebellion of Korach and his claim that Moses and Aaron had usurped the High Priesthood and leadership of the Jewish people is well known. When Hashem delivers His verdict it is both a miraculous and spectacular parsha. The earth instantaneously and...

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Lech Lecha

The Sedra open with Abraham's first test. " Go from your Land, the place of you birth and your fathers house to a place which I will show you." The order of Abraham's instructions is wrong. In Julius Caesar act 3 scene two Anthony says " Friends, Romans, Countrymen"...

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In the eleventh chapter of this week's Sedra, Moshe is given a specific commandment to fulfil. "Go and pay back the Midianites on behalf of the Israelites" Yet the posuk continues with an ominous and seemingly irreversible promise......." After that; you will Die and...

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Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein has thrilled audiences from Jerusalem to Manchester and Johannesburg to Los Angeles. There are two reasons for his success. One is a mastery of sources in Jewish philosophy and his understanding of contemporary events. The other is his unique delivery…If you have the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom…do not miss it!

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