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speaker-50x50   Indicates advanced level and may contain some words not translated from Hebrew or Yiddish
speaker-50x50-green  Indicates that the content is easily understood by all


That’s Life (FULL audio book) ($19.99)
Dancing Through Time (FULL audio book) ($19.99)
Marriage Made in Heaven…Perfected on Earth (Women’s Version) (16.5MB)
Marriage Made in Heaven…Perfected on Earth (Men’s Version) (17.3MB)
My Kids at the Shabbos Table (Men) (11.1MB)
Navigating Kids in a Turbulent World (Women) (12.2MB)
You Can Change (13.2MB)
How To Win The War (13.2MB)
What Are Gedolim Like? (14.0MB)
Keeping Inspiration Going (13.8MB)
A River Of Tears – A Glimmer Of Hope (13.4MB)
The Time Of Your Life (13.3MB)
Rabbi Akiva & Moshe Rabeinu (14.2MB)
The Desire For & The Sakona In Outreach (13.5MB)
How Green Was Esther (12.8MB)
How People Come To Hate (13.5MB)
The Gaon’s Criticism on The Rambam (13.5MB)
There is No Kellal Only Pe’rat (13.5MB)
Overcoming Painful Times (13.5MB)
The Role of the Conscience & the Sub-Conscience (13.5MB)
Hogor & Soroh (13.5MB)
Who Counts On Rosh Hashono? (13.5MB)
Us & Them (13.5MB)
Looking Back – Looking Forward (13.5MB)
Speaking In Silence (13.5MB)
Eved Or Slave (13.5MB)
Unity Equals Invincibility (13.5MB)

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Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein has thrilled audiences from Jerusalem to Manchester and Johannesburg to Los Angeles. There are two reasons for his success. One is a mastery of sources in Jewish philosophy and his understanding of contemporary events. The other is his unique delivery…If you have the opportunity to benefit from his wisdom…do not miss it!

Rabbi Professor Dovid Gottlieb